Monday, September 26, 2005

Of Fear and FEMA 

Once again, cities in the south, including most of this country’s oil refining capacity, have narrowly skirted disaster.  Or have they?  President Bush is suggesting the laws regarding when federal troops can move into an area without being invited by local authorities be rewritten to allow more immediate federal response.  Considering the criticism that has been leveled at Bush and his administration for not responding sooner to Katrina, and too soon to Rita, it is not surprising that he has asked for increased authority to respond to “catastrophic emergencies.”

Understandable as it may be, the move nevertheless opens the door for unprecedented direct federal control anywhere in the United States without the express agreement of affected local authorities.  This of course raises the specter of martial law, shock troops marching through U.S. cities, forced evacuations, and FEMA camps sprouting up across the landscape.  For those who have paid much attention to the dreams and visions of the last days of America that have been published over the last few years, it is difficult not to have a visceral reaction to even the mention of FEMA.  It is fairly well-known and expected by the Prophecy Club set that FEMA will run the death-camps set up to deal with Christians who refuse to take “the mark of the beast,” and that guillotines and perhaps other devices of death and torture will be the most prominently featured hardware at these camps.

It was interesting to watch the evacuation of New Orleans as we observed large numbers of displaced people basically becoming wards of the state, herded to facilities throughout the country.  Practice run?  Perhaps.

While we continue to watch for earthquakes and solar flares, the prospect of a nuclear attack on U.S. cities, whether intentional or accidental, could be just the sort of “catastrophic emergency” needed to fully establish unquestioned federal supremacy over local and state authorities at the discretion of the President and his advisors.  Just such attacks are predicted for December of this year.  Or has one well-known prognosticator told Art Bell replacement, George Norrey, we have had the last “merry Christmas” the world will ever know.

Is it certain that these predictions will come true this year?  Maybe not.  But there certainly is not long to wait before we find out.  

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